Use Web Analytics To Guide Online Success

When we polled our recent SmartGroup how many had Google Analytics installed, less than 1/3 raised their hands.  When we asked how many reviewed their analytics and changed their site based on the results, they were all ears.

March’s SmartGroup was dedicated to education around setting up, reviewing and morphing your web site around web analytics as well as a brief overview into On-Page and Off-Page Analytics.  Here is the Web Analytics PowerPoint review of these types, why analytics is important as well as differences between Log Files and Page Tagging Analytics.

As clients of Smart Solutions, all sites record log files and you receive training on reviewing these log file analytics through AWStats.  Our monthly narratives, delivered via email, are a summary of these metrics.
Google Analytics (Page Tagging Analytic Tool) is a free tool from Google that enhances your analytics through better visual graphs, customizable metrics, conversion goal setting measurements and segmentation.

1)    To setup your analytics, register your site domain with Google Analytics.
2)    Email Smart Solutions with the code (to place on your site) received at the end of registration and validation.
3)    Edit your settings, including Filter your IP address (so that your visits aren’t counted!)  Here’s a site to help you find your IP address.
4)    Setup your GOALS (this is very critical and offers a way to setup a value amount for your goal).
5)    View your reports and take a baseline measurement of traffic, content, visitors, bounce rate  and referring sites/engine traffic.
6)    To understand the Google Analytic metrics, download this helpful PDF from WAA (Web Analytics Association).
7)    Consult with us or test variations on your web site to better enhance your content, traffic and overall conversion goals.

Smart Solutions is here to help guide your understanding of Web Analytics, why they are important and what changes to your web site may help increase your overall conversions.  Contact us if questions arise at 541.388.4398!