Have you claimed your local listings?

We often work with small business looking for easy ways to gain exposure for their local specific business. We offered a Local specific SmartGroup recently to help small business owners get up to speed and own their local listings.

Not sure if you have claimed your local listings? Recently released, (, is a SIMPLE, easy way to understand which of the major engines you may have missed when claiming your local listing.

Here are the steps:

1) Go to
2) Type in your business name and zip code
3) Voila! View your score and understand which engines you need to go register with.

Other Local Specific Resources:

2 responses to “ Have you claimed your local listings?”

  1. David Mihm writes:

    Hey Wendy, thanks so much for the mention! All the resources you listed are absolutely terrific. Matt McGee over at Small Business SEM also has some great ones here:

  2. Andrew writes:

    Yeah, I had a few clients who’s listings were already claimed, but thankfully a few were able to get them back. Good resource there David, will check it out.