Twitter Background Design Concepts

So, you’re a business and have taken the leap to setup Twitter account, congratulations! One element that often gets overlooked when using Twitter for business is creating a custom background image that speaks to your business objectives.  (See our Smart Solutions Twitter Background…heck, follow us as well!)  If you have questions on the information below or would like us to create a Twitter background for you, just give us a call, we’d be happy to assist!

Consistent with your main marketing brand and messages, your Twitter background should include:

1) Your logo/brand mark (typically set vertically)
2) Your tagline/brand message
3) Main contact information
4) Call to Action
5) Visual Image(s) that connect to your brand and are appealing

Image Considerations:
1) The national standard screen resolution is still 1024 x 768 – develop your image to meet that requirement and beyond (we recommend 1600 x 1200 pixels)
2) For a 1024 x 768 resolution, you have approximately 120 pixels on the left to work with your message (otherwise Twitter window will overlay on top).
3) For your avatar, use a 73 x 73 pixel image
4) Twitter limits background image size to 800k (although for speed, you want to stay away from the upper end of that)

How to implement a Twitter Background


5 Steps to Edit Twitter Background

A Reputable Twitter Example….


Zappos CEO on Twitter




One response to “Twitter Background Design Concepts”

  1. Margaret Ivory writes:

    I just love twitter but I am having problems right now in changing my background image. I am pressing the “background image” button but nothing is happening. I guess I will try later. Even with this, I am still in love with Twitter.