SEO Maintenance is Ongoing

SEO is not a one-time service, but an ongoing process that businesses should monitor to maintain their organic ranks on the search engine results page (SERP). Your website is an important component of your business and is crucial for you to be found on search engines. A monthly SEO maintenance plan will ensure your business is not ignored. Here’s why:

  • Search engines are constantly changing their search algorithms. A recent example is the Google Panda update. Because of the update, many popular websites that used to rank high on the SERP have dropped in ranks—some have fallen from first page of SERP to second. If you rank well for keywords now, do not be complacent. Without SEO maintenance, you might drop in ranks three months from now because of changes in search algorithms.
  • Search engines tweak the SERP. When Google announced in May 2007 that they will blend search results with Universal Search, this resulted in news, images, videos and Google Local results showing on the SERP. How does this affect you? If you were previously ranked at position 3 for a certain keyword, related images and videos showing up on the SERP might result in you showing up in position 7 without SEO maintenance.
  • Competitors try to and WILL outrank you. You cannot ignore your competitors, because they will not ignore you. If you rank higher than them on the SERP, you can be sure they will be working to outrank you. Ranking factors that come into play include quality of content and backlinks.

Many businesses do not have SEO maintenance because it is time consuming—keeping up with search engine trends, need to make constant SEO tweaks to website, and the importance of keeping content fresh.

Let our SEO analysts do the work for you. Contact us now to find out how we can help you with your SEO maintenance.

2 responses to “SEO Maintenance is Ongoing”

  1. Tayna writes:

    I got hit by the Google Panda update myself aswell…

    I have been looking for ways around the Google Panda update and I’ve done a whole bunch of testing on my own sites.
    Below are a few tips to consider:

    1) reduce bouncerate on your sites
    2) remove/nofollow/noindex thin and poor quality webpages
    3) boost Click Through Rate in the search results (E.g use crazy call to actions and stuff in your page titles)
    4) provide more increased value with your website (improve users onpage time)
    5) interlink your web site through optimized anchor texts
    6) use a privacy policy, bulletpoints, paragraphs, subtiles, images, address/phone number, SSL, google maps location, contact us, about us etc etc (all “achievable” added quality factors you can think of)
    7) Get additional quality inbound links with good anchor text variation.

    Link building should be done in a very diverse and consistent way.

    Another thing, I’m a ‘beta’ tester of LinkALoha currently and i’m seeing GREAT results. I know they are going to open up a couple new spots soon, you guys should take a look. Those guys are great

  2. San Francisco SEO Company writes:

    There are tons of various strategies to advertising, however I continue to feel online marketing is easily the most beneficial. It’s not always easy detailing this to my business clients!