SEO Ranking Factors

Google utilizes a series of search engine ranking factors to determine the results that show on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Although Google’s algorithms change all the time, there are some seo ranking factors that remain important.

Mashable came up with the Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors to illustrate the most important things that can help you gain traffic from major search engines like Google and Bing. The four major groups of search engine ranking factors are:

  • On the Page SEO Ranking Factors
  • Off the Page SEO Ranking Factors
  • Violations
  • Blocking

It is important to note that no one single seo ranking factor promises top rankings. You need to utilize a series of seo ranking factors to gain maximum success. Of course, each seo ranking factor is weighted differently. You will be able to see the different weightage on the Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors. For example, quality content (Cq) has a weightage of 3 while age of a website (Th) has a weightage of 1.


On the Page SEO Ranking Factors

The elements On the Page SEO Ranking Factors are those that are in the direct control of the publisher. You can determine the type of content you post on your website, decide on the keywords to use, decide how often you want to post fresh content and pick a good SEO friendly CMS that helps spiders crawl your site better.

SEO Ranking Factors - On Page


Off the Page SEO Ranking Factors

Publishers cannot directly control Off the Page SEO Ranking Factors. These factors are used by search engines to provide an unbiased view as some publishers resort to black hat tactics to rank well on SERP. The Off the Page SEO Ranking Factors allow search engines to sift out quality sites and show them higher on SERP.

SEO Ranking Factors - Off Page



Because publishers resort to black hat tactics, as we’ve talked about earlier, there is a need for search engines to penalize websites in order to provide quality results on the SERP. If search engines feel publishers have violated in many areas, there is a possibility of their websites getting banned.

SEO Ranking Factors - Violations



Blocking is done by searchers themselves. They choose to have certain websites blocked from the SERP should they decide they don’t like your website. Publishers can get negative points depending on whether and how many people have blocked the website from search results.

SEO Ranking Factors - Blocking

Importance of Understanding Search Engine Ranking Factors

It is important to understand the search engine ranking factors and their weightage. Having more positive factors will increase your change of ranking well on SERP. For example, having fresh content won’t help if the content is not quality content. Having high quality links won’t help if the website is not spider friendly.

Smart Solutions understands the different search engine ranking factors and can help your business rank better on the search engine results page. As an added advantage, we utilize an SEO friendly CMS that can help you score points on the architecture aspect of the On the Page SEO Ranking Factor. Contact our team to hear about our success stories.

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  1. RealSEOPro writes:

    Sorry if I’m a little late to the party, but I am really wondering about one of these factors and trying to get to the bottom of it.

    I am not convinced that sites will incur penalties if their site is blocked too many times by users in the SERPs. Don’t you think this would just make for a field day of black-hatters?

    It would be too easy for users to create a negative impact for websites on Google like that.

  2. Ammie Lappe writes:

    I can’t remember where it was exactly, but I just read this article about how hard it’s going to be to achieve high rankings in Google for most SEO publishers in the near future. I definitely agree if you’re working in the WH camp. I think building authority and mindshare should be a white hat SEO’s main goal. Make it so Google can’t remove you from their index without looking like they’re algorithm sucks.

  3. Posicionamiento de web writes:

    Hi and thanks for the article…

    Im agree… some people think that working only around keywords is enought, but you have to pay attentintion in many many factors that would help you to be the number 1 on the internet… and that takes alot of work and commitment.

    thanks again for sharing