Social Media Marketing Packages

People are social animals. We like to connect with people in a way that’s conversational and communal. This is the reason for the popularity of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter—each of them is highly reliant on the social aspect, being able to communicate with your all of your friends in a single place. But it isn’t just friends in social media—it’s also businesses.

There is only one thing that stops businesses from using social media consistently; it isn’t that people don’t realize the significance of using social networking—it’s that they just don’t have the time.

The Smartz Social Pak – Social Media Packages

Smart Solutions has eliminated that barrier with the all-new SocialPak. This social media package comes in different varieties, depending on what your business requires for social networking.

We cover three different social media sites for our customers—Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. We chose these three because they are each the top in their own field. Facebook is the all-time largest social networking site; Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging platform; and Foursquare is the top location-based service provider.

Each of the websites offers its own value to a business, and that’s why we offer them both individually and as a group—not every business will need all three.

SocialPak – Social Media Monitoring and Social Media Set-Up

In our LocalPak, there are two different options for you to choose from: The Social Media Monitoring packages or the Social Media Set-Up packages. Again, the choice of which package to use depends on what you’re looking for in your business. We outline some ideas below:

You might want SocialPak Monitoring if…

  • You need regular posting on your social media
  • You don’t have enough human resources
  • You want all your monitoring compiled in one place
  • You want weekly reporting

You might want Set-Up SocialPak if…

  • You don’t understand how to optimize keywords
  • You need a headstart
  • You want to stand out right away
  • You need to remodel your social media accounts

Give us a call today, if you’re interested in learning more about the Smartz SocialPak. Don’t fall behind in social media marketing. Get Started Now!