Google’s Mobile Payment App – Google Wallet

Google is involved in a lot of areas of Internet marketing. As a search engine, they’re perfectly positioned to handle just about everything; many website owners believe that using Google’s services will provide them with more exposure, although there is no solid evidence supporting this view.

Google also, of course, has a hand in mobile technology—and not just in search—as an online payment service. This is Google Wallet.

Google Wallet - Google's Mobile Payment App

What is Google Wallet?

Originally launched in September of 2011, Google Wallet is an online service that you access through your smartphone. It stores your credit cards on your phone, which allows you to pay for things by simply tapping or scanning your phone at their kiosks. Google’s main problem is that this application isn’t available at many locations right now—or on many phones.

The only way you can use this application in-store right now is if you own one of Sprint’s Nexus S 4G phones. In addition to that, you can only use it at select locations that feature the MasterCard PayPass. In Central Oregon, that’s a total of 26 places—most of which are 7 Elevens. You can search the Google Wallet website to see where you would be able to use the mobile Google Wallet in your area.

What is the Point of the Google Wallet?

Because of the limited number of people able to use this feature, a lot of people have wondered what the point is—why would Google choose to release a product that so few people would be able to use? The answer is this: money is becoming digital. The technology isn’t advancing very quickly right now, but it is coming—and Google wants to be at the forefront, labeled as an innovator.

Google Wallet is also taking over Google’s old online checkout system—so the wallet is becoming very integrated into Google’s ecommerce work. Any retailers who are currently using Google Checkout will now be moved into Google Wallet—although it will work in the same way.

So what are your thoughts on the integration of Google Wallet and Google Checkout? Can you see yourself using Google Wallet on your phone?