Social Sharing Buttons – Why do we need them?

Last week, we discussed the value of adding social media buttons to your website. This week, we’re talking about the other side of adding social to your site—social media sharing buttons. While the icons will lead visitors to your business social media profiles, social sharing buttons will lead them to promote your website content on their personal profiles.

But before we get into how to obtain social sharing buttons of your own, we need to cover the WHY—why should we install social media sharing buttons on our websites? There are two strategies for implementation of social sharing buttons:
social sharing buttons Image

Social Sharing as a Linkbuilding Strategy

Every time someone clicks one of your social share buttons, they are creating a link back to your site. Although these links are often nofollowed on social media sites, they are still links, and each one creates the potential for even more sharing and reposting.

Social Sharing as… a Sharing Strategy

If you’re not as impressed by SEO, and don’t see a linkbuilding strategy doing much good, then take social sharing buttons just as they are—an easy way to get your website content shared and spread farther than you could on your own.

Social Media Sharing Buttons – What they are and where to get them

If you’re ready to get social sharing buttons for your business website, it’s time to choose what’s best for you. Below is an example of a few social media sharing buttons you could use, but note that there are so many more to choose from!

social media sharing buttons

We use ShareThis as a source for our social media sharing buttons, and it has been a great free tool. You can customize it and choose the networks you’d like, and the format you’d prefer. To get the HTML code for your own social media buttons, simply go to the ShareThis website.

Working with HTML can be a little tricky, but not knowing how to use it isn’t a good reason to not use social media sharing buttons! If you host a website with us, give us a call and we can install them for you! If you have any other questions regarding social media, contact us and we’ll get in touch with you!

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