New Google Glasses – Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses

They brought us an email system, a robust map of the world, mobile payments, cars that drive themselves, a new social network, and they entertain us every holiday with a new Doodle, so naturally, the next step in Google’s inventive journey would be… glasses?

It sounds crazy, but unlike most of the announcements you’ll get from Google during the month of April, the new Google glasses are no April Fool’s Joke. Google’s augmented reality glasses are a real project, coming from the secretive division of Google X. The system seems to be futuristic, but Google is implying that the new glasses will be available within the next few years.

Below are a few pictures of the first prototype of the glasses. Because it’s so early in the design and implementation, we can expect these to change several times before we can actually begin to buy the new google glasses. However, as seen in the picture to the far right, Sergey Brin himself has already started to test out the current design.

googles-new-glasses-image   google-new-glasses-image   google-glasses-new-image   new-google-glasses-image

Google’s New Glasses – Why?

The obvious question that comes to mind for non-geeky people is WHY. Why do we need glasses that allow us to video chat on a whim, take pictures, call friends, check in to places, make calls, check the weather, see maps and get messages?

Maybe the better question is this: why do we need phones that do all that? The new Google glasses are simply smartphones that you wear—making you a little more connected to the online world. The idea of wearing a smartphone may sound geeky for now, but the next ten years, it might not only be techies and nerds wearing Google’s new glasses (but… no promises).

How the New Google Glasses Work (and would you wear them?)

Google published a video showing us how the new Google glasses work, and it’s intriguing! You can watch the video below, and after you’ve finished, we have one question for you—would you wear the new Google glasses?