Google Drives Joins the Online Storage Providers!

google-drive-storage-imageGoogle’s newest product was announced just yesterday morning, and people across the Internet are excited about the online storage service that will most likely be Dropbox’s biggest competitor. But before we throw out Dropbox, let’s compare the two—is Google Drive really any better than Dropbox?

Features of the Newest Online Storage Service

Google Drive Free Storage Space

Google offers a small amount of free cloud storage, like many of the other storage providers. When you sign up for a Google Drive product, you get 5GB of free online storage. Dropbox (the competitor at the forefront of online storage providers) only gives 2GB for free, but also offers additional storage for every person you refer to them—up to 18GB.
Extra storage can be added on to both services, for additional monthly fees.

Google Drive Team Collaboration

Like Google Docs, the new online storage product is inherently shareable. On the Google Drive website, it says you can “Create and reply to comments to get feedback and make files more collaborative.” You are also able to choose who can see, edit or make comments on your files. Dropbox has something a little more advanced (and a little more pricy) for collaborative work—Dropbox Teams.

Google Drive Integration

While Dropbox can be installed on any computer and accessed anywhere, it is a standalone product. Dropbox only does online storage. Google… well they do everything. Your Google Drive account seamlessly integrates with all of the other features of Google that we know and love: Google Docs, Google+ and Gmail.

This is the feature that makes Google Drive so attractive to people searching for an online storage product. So many people already have Google accounts, and Google Drive is a natural extension. Why would anyone sign up for a new Dropbox account when they can get Google Drive and have it already hooked up to their email?

google-drive-not-readyOf course, we haven’t gotten on the inside of Google Drive just yet, because we got the notification that a lot of others have: Your Google Drive is not ready yet. Once we’ve been able to check out what it looks like on the inside, we’ll be able to write something a little more comprehensive about the ins and outs of the newest online storage service!

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