Schedule Facebook Posts

The curse of the businessman is that we never have enough time. When you’re the one managing multiple aspects of a business, it’s easy to put aside things that don’t seem as important—and social media is often one of those that gets lost in the shuffle.

But social media doesn’t need to take a lot of time, and Facebook just made it even easier—by allowing you to schedule updates ahead of time.

People have been doing this with Twitter for some time now—scheduling tweets ahead of time using outside websites. People have offered scheduling systems for Facebook, but none of them have been very reliable, so Smart Solutions hasn’t endorsed any in the past.

Now, Facebook has decided to offer a service themselves—one that goes right along with the Facebook Timeline. They’ve made it easy to schedule tweets up to six months in advance—so you can get all your business social media scheduling done at one time.

The new Facebook scheduling service is super easy to work—you simply click the clock on the bottom left hand side of your new post, add the year, month, day and time, and click schedule!

facebook-scheduling   facebooks-scheduling-service

You can also time things for the past, if you’re interested in filing out the rest of your business page’s timeline.

The only problem we’ve seen with this feature so far is that you can’t edit (as far as we can tell) your post once you schedule it. We’ve only scheduled a few things, but we can’t find them anywhere to edit them before Facebook actually sends it out. If you see a spelling error just as you hit “schedule,” you’ll have to wait for the time that you scheduled it in order to fix it. Hopefully that’s something that Facebook will fix in the future.

As we find out more about this feature, we’ll be sure to give updates! Follow us on our social media channels to learn more about us and what we do!


When we went to schedule a post today, we were happy to find that you can now edit scheduled posts! When you schedule a post, Facebook will remind you where to go to edit your post (click the highlighted button below). However, when we’ve attempted to go to our activity log, it’s only been a blank page. There are probably just a few bugs in the system for now, that should be fixed soon!

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