Facebook Admin Roles Have Changed!

In the past few months, Facebook has changed up a lot of their business page features in a great way. They’ve really stepped up their game when it comes to Facebook business pages, and we’re seeing a lot of new options available for businesses. The last one we featured on the blog was the new Facebook scheduler feature, but the latest is new administrator roles.

A few months ago, after Google+ business pages launched, we analyzed Facebook’s admin system vs. the Google+ way, and the newer social network came out on top. Now, however, Facebook is offering something not unlike Google+ admin roles.

Five Different Facebook Roles

Facebook offers five different admin roles: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst. You can refer to the table below to see which abilities each role is given. The manager is the only one allowed to add, delete or change administrator roles, unlike before when any administrator could.


Many small businesses won’t even need to mess with these roles—the most important thing is to know what your administrators are doing. If you’ve only hired someone to handle your Facebook ads, then you don’t need to make them any more than an “Advertiser.” However, if they’re also posting statuses and adding landing pages, you’ll want to give them the control of “Content Creator.” As a general rule, it’s best to keep only the business owner as “Manager.” Falling outs can happen in any company, and compromised Facebook pages are never a good thing!

So if you have multiple administrators on your Facebook page(s), make sure you edit their roles! If you haven’t touched your admin page since the change, each person will be “Manager.” Also, all new administrators will default to “Manager.”

You can read more about this change on Facebook’s help page!