Keep Track of Your SEO Measurements

SEO measurements imageSEO measurements (tracking and reporting) are essential pieces of any SEO strategy. Knowing how your site is being affected by your marketing team’s effort is necessary if you want to know what is working and what is not.

There is a plethora of available search measurements that you can track, and we’ll list off a few below, to help you decide which measurements would be best for your team to keep track of.

Search Engine Ranking

This is typically the most used tracking by SEO businesses. And it is a big one—moving up in search engine rankings isn’t easy and doesn’t happen quickly! This one is great to monitor because it’s all about visibility on Google’s SERP. However, it shouldn’t be the only SEO measurement that you track, and shouldn’t be considered the most important

New Visitors

Tracking your new visitors is fairly easy in most analytics programs, and it’s a great feature to keep an eye on. Do you know if your website visitors are mostly returning or if they’re new? Instead of taking a guess, track your new visitors vs. your returning visitors! Figure out if your current SEO efforts are helping to bring in those new customers.

Bounce Rate

This type of tracking doesn’t deal with SEO efforts so much as it deals with your website’s design. Which aspects of your page are converting and which are holding you back? You can test your bounce rate by using different designs, button styles or calls to action, and track which ones get you the conversions you want through A/B testing.


This tracking is where the money is. Literally. It’s most often used on e-commerce sites, but a conversion can be anything you want it to be. Forms or landing pages are two easy-to-track types of conversions—but you can choose what it is. Whatever you want your potential customers to do on your site—track it! This is the most valuable kind of tracking—because you know what each one is worth!

SEO Measurements for Your Website

It all comes down to what is most important for your business and your website. What is most important to you, and most valuable for creating sales and connections on your website? THAT is what needs to be tracked.

There are tons of free and low cost SEO tools out there that can help you keep track of your SEO measurements. And if you need any help with SEO work or SEO measurements, give us a call or contact us  any time!