New Linkedin Business Page Design

When you work in the area of Internet marketing, you get used to lots of change. New networks to pay attention to, new ways to market your business, new tools to help you measure successes, and new designs on all the websites you use the most.

Social media websites tend to get hit the most with new designs, and Linkedin is the latest to get a new design on their business pages. We just updated ours this morning, and it looks pretty good! The design may remind you of a certain other social network that recently hit one billion members, but we think it’s a step in the right direction for Linkedin. Their old design wasn’t much to look at, and this one is a huge improvement.


They don’t make this design easy on you though—the new area for your main profile picture (just to the left of your business name) is an odd size. We sized our image to 374×174, and that seemed to fit well. However, our logo isn’t usually that size, so it took quite a bit of adjusting.


The cover photo is somewhere around 646×221, and offers a chance to brighten up and keep visitors more interested in your Linkedin business page. (to the right are a few examples of how businesses are using the cover images so far!)

If you’re one of the administrators on your company page, you’ll see that Linkedin has placed this cream-colored box across the top of the page! Administrators have it easier than ever with sharing and editing on the new business pages, and overall, we think it’s a great change.


Are you ready to start optimizing your new Linkedin business page design? Head on over and check it out, or interact with the new design on the Smart Solutions Linkedin page.