A Few Google Analytics Tricks

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Here are a few Google Analytics tricks that we love and we think you will too! These are three tools inside Google Analytics that we use on a regular basis, and that you can use to help your reporting and tracking be a little more effective.

Google Analytics Advanced Segments

With the myriad of buttons available for you to click inside the Google Analytics interface, many tend to get left out in reporting and tracking. One of those is the Advanced Segments button. It’s in the top left corner of your analytics screen. By clicking that button and selecting up to four segments, you can see exactly what you want to see—whether you want to track your Paid Search Traffic, Returning Visitors, Visits with Conversions or just Mobile Traffic!

Advanced Segments in GA

Compare Weeks, Months and Years in Google Analytics

Compare monthsYou don’t always just want to look at one set of time when it comes to tracking visitors on your site. Instead of just looking at the month of November, why not see how it compares to the month of October? Or better yet, what about November of last year?

If you choose this option, GA will highlight your traffic from last year in orange, and compare it to this year’s in blue. This is a huge help for businesses who have seasonal traffic, who can’t accurately compare month to month.

A/B Experiments with Google Analytics

If you haven’t set up an A/B test with Google Analytics yet, now is the time! This tool can be found under the Content section in GA, and is probably the best way to figure out what your visitors think about your business website. We wrote a blog post back in 2011 about A/B testing, and we can help you set it up inside Google Analytics if you have any questions!

Those are just three of the many tricks that Google Analytics has to offer. Although we give monthly reports to all of our clients, we definitely suggest that everyone take a look inside their analytics, and learn a little bit more about the visitors browsing the site, how your site is performing and what you could do better!

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