Ongoing SEO – Content, PPC & Social Media

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On this blog, we discuss a lot of aspects of web marketing, but if there’s one thing that we can never stress enough, it’s the importance of continuing with SEO practices and tactics on an ongoing basis. Web marketing today is never “complete,” and it’s time we stopped treating it that way. User behaviors and search engine algorithms are changing on a regular basis, and we need to have SEO plans that can be as flexible and changeable as they are.

Ongoing SEO - Content, Social Media, PPC...In this particular post, we discuss a few of the different pieces of ongoing web marketing: content marketing, PPC advertising and social media engagement.

Ongoing Content Marketing

This item—ongoing copywriting—has become one of the highest priorities for web marketing in the past few years. As you’ll hear repeated across the web far and wide—”Content is King.”

Creating unique content has become even more important since Google’s Penguin and Panda updates became more regular. While gaining links is still of value in SEO, it has become much more difficult to gain links that Google won’t consider cheap.

Ongoing content marketing can help you keep your website up to date, while also giving Google’s spiders something to chew on every time they visit.

Ongoing PPC Adjustments

Managing a PPC campaign is a hands-on process. Many businesses don’t realize the hours of preparation and management that go into keeping an AdWords campaign fine-tuned and running smoothly. Like most items in the web marketing world, ongoing PPC adjustments are a necessity. If you have a PPC campaign running, make sure you’re checking in on performance on at least a weekly basis—although we typically monitor our campaigns day to day. This isn’t something you can just set to run and let continue throughout the year!

What kinds of things should be happening in your AdWords account? Keyword expansion, bid optimization, negative keyword research and ad text optimization are a few areas that can always use updating, according to a recent post on Search Engine Land.

Ongoing Social Media Engagement

How many times can we repeat ourselves in one blog post? Social Media, like copywriting and PPC, is an ongoing process that ends exactly never. Checking up on your Twitter channel for replies, or your Facebook timeline for direct messages, can be a daily occurrence for many companies. While keeping up with social media accounts can be time-consuming and seem expendable, building up your brand never is. Take the time to log in and get your voice heard on a regular basis. You won’t regret it in the long run.

Ongoing SEO Services

At Smart Solutions, we understand user behavior and changing algorithms—and that’s why we offer web marketing plans that can be as flexible as they need to be. From 8 to 800 hours a month, we can set up a web marketing plan for your business that includes ongoing SEO in all of its forms.

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