Google AdBirds

We received a notification in Adwords today about a new feature – AdBirds.

According to Google, “AdBirds is a new ad format that allows you to take your campaign to new heights by placing ads on real birds.”  How cool is that?! *chirp chirp*

How to Create an AdBirds ad

  1. Select an ad group
  2. Pick your Google AdBird ad
    • Sparrow for a small, quick and efficient ad
    • Owl for those with nocturnal business hours
    • Duck is available at most parks and community areas
    • Eagle for a broad audience reach (Majestic birds may require a higher bid)
    • Pigeon is best for large cities with crowds of people
    • Penguin is best for cold arctic regions (Limited to location, as they can’t fly)
  3. Insert your content into
    • Beak (25 characters)
    • Head (35 characters)
    • Wings (35 characters)
    • Tail Feathers(35 characters)
  4. Let it FLY!

Image Illustration on How to Create an AdBirds ad

Step 1

Google AdBirds Step 1

Step 2

Google AdBirds Step 2

Step 3

Google AdBirds Step 3

Step 4

Google AdBirds Step 4

Happy April *chirp* Fools’! 😉

2 responses to “Google AdBirds”

  1. John writes:

    We noticed that you ran an article on Google’s new Adbirds hoax campaign, well we wanted to fill you in that this is actually a campaign to help promote a very high profile documentary on a new company actually using birds for advertising. Check out the movie website and trailer at!

  2. Smart Solutions writes:

    That’s great! Thanks for sharing!