3 Ways to change how mobile affects your business

Mobile use is on the rise, and Google is doing plenty to keep up with the demand. Recently Google rolled out some changes that will make marketing to your mobile audience easier. Not only will marketing to mobile users be more efficient, but you can also market FROM your mobile device! Here are 3 ways to “up your mobile game.”

1. Mobile Manager

Google rolled out the AdWords Express mobile app just a few months ago, and the app has received some great feedback. The new app allows you to do a number of tasks right from your Android or iOS smartphone. The tasks we found most useful are being able to: Create or edit an ad, edit a budget, and edit audience settings.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of managing your AdWords account if you have a busy schedule. Imagine being away from your desk with some downtime, and instead of playing a game of Angry Birds, you can be proactive with your AdWords account instead. Also, if you download the Google My Business app, you can view your top stats for the month. Talk about staying productive!

2. Mobile Friendly Differentiation

Now, imagine you clicked a link from a Google Search, only to find yourself on a page that requires a magnifying glass to see it. Good luck if you actually want to click anything on the page without thumbing the wrong link. Google is rewarding sites that are mobile-friendly by adding a tag to the ad that says “Mobile-friendly.” This tells your potential visitors that they will have no problem viewing the page on their smartphone. The Googlebot automatically labels your page as “Mobile-friendly” if it meets certain requirements. So, make sure to avoid using uncommon software for mobile devices, like Adobe Flash, and look into having your website set up with a responsive design. This allows your site to be optimized in a way that makes it view-able on a smaller screen as well as a desktop, by re-sizing the content based on the screen size.

3. Google Shopping for Mobile

Google is seeing a huge increase in shopping searches coming from mobile devices. This prompted them to make Google Shopping a better experience. Now more information can be seen on product pages such as detailed product information, product reviews from customers, multiple image sources, and a 360 degree view of the product. Tablets also have the visibility of local merchants inventory of products, so customers can run to the store for purchase, instead of waiting for it to be shipped.

Integrate these mobile friendly features into your business, and you’ll be sure to see results.