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Tips For Launching a New Website While Keeping SEO In Mind

We have potential clients call frequently with the intent of retooling their web site. The redesign is brought on typically by a multitude of reasons: “The design is old.”; “We have a new brand.” ; “We want to get found by more prospects.” Businesses and organizations that come with a goal of creating a successful […]

Bend Oregon SmartGroup Adds Valuable Insights to Website Success

SmartGroup is a local usergroup setup for our Smart Solutions clients and prospective clients.  We’ve covered monthly topics such as: SEO Basics, Newsletter Best Practices, Everything Images, Local Search, etc.  Throughout the presentations, now offered in a both a day and evening session, we offer insights to best practices and tips and tricks to help […]

Quick Web Design Tips To Remember

Web design has changed.  The novelty of going to the World Wide Web and exploring this new medium has worn off significantly.  No longer are users visiting a site and reading through lines and lines of text or watching humorous animated gifs online. Nielsen & Loranger’s extensive research uncovered four questions users ask when arriving at […]

Simple Home Page Design – Tips to Avoid and Best Practices

You’re home page is important for many reasons, as it’s linked to most frequently (for small business) and unless you’re coming in from a landing page or internal blog, it’s oftentimes is the first place prospective clients make the first impression of your company. Moreover, it’s an impression that is created in mere seconds while […]

Is Your Site Design Getting in the Way of Your SEO?

By Scott Orth If so, it’s time for a redesign!  Don’t whine about the cost of a redesign, the lost opportunities without effective SEO will cost you far more in the long run.  In today’s highly competitive Internet realm, it’s absolutely critical that your site is based on a search engine friendly structure; but what […]

Brand Trust Advice for Start-up E-Commerce Sites

By Josh Caba Brand trust is simply defined by the general opinion that people have of your company and whether or not they believe you will deliver a quality product. Having brand trust is vital to the importance of every business.  The task of creating brand trust in an online world can be exceptionally challenging […]

New Design Trends Lend to Better Success Rates

By Wendy Epner Roe Too often in a prospective client conversation, at the moment when a redesign is discussed,  the client is thinking more about all of the information they would like to present instead of how they want to present it.  Giving too much user choice as to ‘where to go next’ is a […]