Reassure Customers

Secure McAfee Trustmark

McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams
Instilling trust is very important for ecommerce stores. When potential customers are asked to share their personal data and credit/debit card information, they want to know that their information is safe. The McAfee trustmark gives customers this reassurance.

Smart​z can help your site meet McAfee compliance and pass their rigorous testing regimen for a fee of $500. After which, McAfee will conduct daily testing of your site and display the McAfee trustmark to show customers that you've gone the extra mile to ensure a safe eCommerce experience. If their scanners find hacker vulnerabilities with your site, they will immediately notify you so that any issue can be resolved quickly.

By choosing to go with McAfee, the leader in malware detection, you can also enjoy these additional exposure benefits:

  • Highlighted in their Certified McAfee Merchant Directory
  • Access to thousands of security conscious shoppers via their Secure Shopping Portal
  • Having your site rated and displayed in search results by millions of their McAfee SiteAdvisor software users
    Motivated Customers
  • After knowing that their personal information won’t be compromised, your customers will be more motivated to click “checkout” and complete their transaction without any hesitation. In fact, ecommerce stores receive an average 12% increase in conversions when they display the McAfee trustmark per A/B testing conducted by McAfee.


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