Google Analytics 4 Migration

Get Smart with Our Professional Migration Service

Universal Analytics will soon be obsolete, Migrate to GA4 today before it's too late. 

Google Analytics 4.0 is the latest version of Google Analytics, and it’s a huge improvement over the previous version. If you’re still using the old Google Analytics tag, now is the time to migrate to GA4.


We've been through the migration process several times, and we know how important it is to have a smooth transition. Our team will set up, configure and connect your new Google Analytics 4 property to Google Search Console and Google Ads. While creating consistent goals in GA4, Then we'll create a GDS report for you so that you can get accurate reporting on your data.
When it comes time to migrate over existing goals, we'll make sure they transfer over without any trouble. And once we've got everything set up, our team will be available to answer questions or troubleshoot issues.

Migration Package Will Include the following:

  • Create a property in your GA account.
  • Configure your property with all the information necessary for it to function properly.
  • Install the GA4 tag in GTM. 
  • Create consistent goals in GA4. 
  • Migrate over existing goals if you have them. 
  • Create a Google Search Console report that shows MoM GDS data for both GA3 and GA4. 
  • Connect your new property to Google Ads, if applicable.

Start your Google Analytics 4 Migration today

Your Universal Analytics properties will stop processing data into reports. From 1 July 2023, you will see zeros in your reports (only historical data will be available)

ATTENTION: Updating to GA4 is mandatory if you want to keep tracking your website conversions and visitors 


Standard Migration - $1,499
For standard sites (under 100pgs) with basic lead forms or basic eCommerce (Woo). Includes: GA 4 configuration and implementation with 3 Goals, Data Studio Reporting, GSC & Google Ads Connection, QA and 1 hour of training.

Enhanced Migration - $3,000
Larger more complex sites (over 100pgs) with more complex lead forms, events and eCommerce. Includes everything in the Standard Migration plus: GA3 Audit Report, 5 additional goals (total of 8), up to 5 hours of consulting, advanced GDS report, 2 hours of training.

Custom Migration - $5,000
Custom with more consultation.​​