As you are well aware, people are busy! And it just keeps growing. That means if you want to get your company’s name out there, you need to start thinking about Podcasting. Podcasting is an excellent marketing medium where businesses can distribute digital audio and video medial files on the Internet so that current and/or potential customers can download them onto their portable media players and personal computers for playback whenever it is convenient for them. How many marketing mediums allow consumers to consume marketing on their own time, at their own discretion? Not many. So here’s the deal; Podcasting gives you the ability to provide your current and potential customers with direct, personal, marketing and to boot – these people want to listen or view your branding and sales messages! Podcasting is a marketer’s dream come true.

So what are you waiting for? I guess you want to know how we do Podcasting at Smart​z. Just like our Blogging module, our Podcasting module allows us to flawlessly integrate Podcasting into your website. For you, this means that the podcasting section of your site will maintain the same look and feel as the rest of your site. It also means that your video and audio Podcasts will be neatly organized from most recent post to oldest post.

You can also choose to capture visitor’s contact information before they are able to download your audio/video podcasting. Just like White Papers, this could give you the perfect opportunity to gather contact information for your email campaigns and research information for determining your return on investment. Now that you are equipped with the powerful knowledge of Podcasting, we expect to see you in the pod - contact ​us today.