Microsoft Outlook 2010

Follow this guide to bring Smart Solutions hosted e-mail into Outlook 2010

  1. From the menu bar at the top, click File.  Then click Add Account (as pictured)
    Outlook 2010
  2. Choose "Manually configure server settings..." then Next
  3. Choose "Internet E-mail" then Next
  4. Fill in all boxes on this screen, substituting the last part of your e-mail address for the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers. For example, your e-mail address was "", then the mail servers would be "".  Also, make sure your User Name is your full e-mail address.  Your password should be pre-assigned.  Then choose More settings, as illustrated below.
    Outlook 2010 2
  5. On the More Settings screen, choose the Outgoing Server tab.  Then check the box "My outgoing server requires authentication."  You can leave the sub-option "Use same settings..." selected, as illustrated below
    Outlook 2010 3
  6. Finally, choose OK, then Next, Finish, and Close.  The set up is complete.

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