Windows Live Mail in Windows 7

Follow this guide to install and configure the free Windows Live Mail for Windows 7

Windows Live Mail, formerly Outlook Express, is a free, fully functional e-mail program available from Microsoft.  You can check if it is already installed by looking under Start -> All Programs for "Windows Live Mail"

To download and install Windows Live Mail:

  1. Go to:
  2. Choose "Download Now" and open the file when it is done downloading
  3. When asked "What do you want to install?" click "Choose the programs" then check only Mail
  4. Click Install and wait several minutes to complete.

To configure Windows Live Mail for use with Smart Solutions hosted e-mail:

  1. Open Windows Live Mail via Start -> All Programs -> Windows Live Mail
  2. Choose the Accounts menu from the top, then "Email"
  3. Fill in the three fields on the first screen with your e-mail address, name, and first and last name, as demonstrated below.  Be sure to check "Manually configure server settings", then  choose Next
  4. On this screen fill in both "Server address" fields with, substituting the last part of your actual domain name for the "" part.  Be sure to enter your full e-mail address under "Logon user name" and check the "Requires authentication" box.  Then click Next, as illustrated below.
    LiveMail 2
  5. Finally, choose "Finish."  Now your e-mail account is ready to use in Windows Live Mail.


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