​Google ​Access Tutorial

Ads, Analytics, Search Console, ​Tag Manager

Client Account Access Request Instructions

Google Ads Read/Analyze Access

Google Ads Full Access (Services)

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Google Tag Manager

Google My Business


Google Ads Read/Analyze Access (formerly Adwords)

As an administrator, navigate to Tools > Account access


Click on Users then the blue plus (+) symbol to add a new user


In the pop-up window, change the access level to 'Read only', enter ​search@smartz.com, then click on 'Send invitation'


Google Ads Full Access (formerly Adwords)

Please send Smartz your 10-digit AdWords account number via email to search@smartz.com. Your account number is listed in the upper-right corner in your Google Ads account, next to the gear icon. Once we receive, we will then send an invite to allow Smartz to link your account to our manager account (or MCC); please accept this invite via email (screenshot below). 




Google Analytics

Please add search@smartz.com as an admin with read & analyze privileges at the account level.



Google Search Console

Please add search@smartz.com as a new user with restricted access. Click on the gear icon in upper right corner and select Users and Property Owners.


Google ​Tag Manager

Please add search@smartz.com to your container as a new user. 

  1. Click Admin
  2. Under Container, select User Management
  3. To add a new user: Click New and enter search@smartz.com.  The set ​container ​permissions to Publish. Click Add.

image (5).png

Google ​My Business

Please add search@smartz.com as a new user by following the instructions below. Go to google.com/business to sign into your account.

  1. Enter the dashboard and click ‘users’ in the lower left corner. 
  2. Select the ‘invite new users’ icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Add the email address search@smartz.com then select ‘choose a role’ and select ‘manager’