Pixelsilk CMS Training

Become an editor and master the Pixelsilk CMS system.

Two-Hour Pixelsilk Training 

For your convenience, Pixelsilk Content Management System (CMS) training can be done either in-person at the Smart​z office in Bend, OR, or by phone via Go-to-Meeting. You will enjoy its functionality and ease of use, like others have:

"Pixelsilk is the first CMS I have felt good about recommending."
-Bruce Clay, Bruce Clay, Inc.

"Pixelsilk is the CMS I've been looking for and one I'll be recommending to clients." 
-Adam Audette, Audette Media


An outline of what you will learn follows:

1. Overview of Pixelsilk (it’s main functionality and benefits)

  • Pages
  • Users
  • Library
  • Design (lightly covered )
  • Settings (lightly mentioned)
2. Setting Up Roles and Creating Users (for easier management and security)
  • Assign roles
  • Give permissions
  • Create user name(s) and password(s) and assign them a role
  • Control roles and page level property permissions (lightly covered )
3. Adding Images and Other Media
  • Log-in to admin
  • Import/up-load images
  • Size images (size vs. quality)
  • Naming convention
  • Create and organize an album (drag/drop, rename, delete, etc.)
  • Use of other tools (i.e., Pic Monkey,Tinypng.com)
4. Adding and Positioning Pages
  • Choice of parent or sibling page (and their relationship)
  • Choice of page type: static html, list section or article page
  • Connect roles and permissions
  • Decide how pages should appear
  • Move pages (and see what happens to their url)
  • Populate SEO Meta information
5. Editing Content (based on type)
  • Main content blocks, side-bar columns and global content (i.e. footer)
  • Use content editor
  • Import from Word
  • Add and align images
  • Internal and external linking of images and certain content
  • Assign headings 1, 2 and 3
  • Edit special pages (such as rotating banners, calls-to-action, etc)
6. Wrap-Up

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