More Than 23 Website Modules to Choose From

To provide customers with top-of-the-line websites that are customized to their particular needs, we offer the following 23 optional website modules. From snazzy photo galleries, dynamic events calendars to easy to manage blogs, choose the functionality desired. Just select and call us today for an estimate.

  • Content Editor/Image Library/HTML Pages

    Content Editor/Image Library/HTML Pages

    Enjoy a web-based content editor that is as easy to use as Microsoft Word with WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing capability.

  • Manage Pages

    Manage Pages

    Experience the freedom to adjust your navigation and page properties whenever and wherever you want.

  • Staff and Team

    Staff and Team

    Easily post employee pictures, contact information and bios.

  • Links


    Gain the ability to organize, reorganize, and track multiple page links without a lot of extra work.

  • Article Pages

    Article Pages

    Support your company's products and services with white papers, press releases and testimonials. This module makes it easy to keep it updated.

  • Download Section

    Download Section

    Allow visitors to download a large amount of audio, video, and document files from your site with ease.

  • Contact Us Form

    Contact Us Form

    Give visitors the chance to quickly give their information in an easy to use form. When a visitor sends the form it will appear in your e-mail box, ready for follow up.

  • Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    Better illustrate your products and services with a photo gallery. The gallery can be viewed as a slideshow, thumbnails, or a filmstrip.

  • Slideshow


    Create more impact on your homepage with a slideshow displaying a controlled transition of images.

  • Site Map

    Site Map

    Give visitors and the search engines a clear way to identify the content and the structure of your site.

  • Search This Site

    Search This Site

    Avoid having a visitor get frustrated by not finding information they seek. Make it a snap for them to find exactly what they want, when they want it.

  • Manage Access & Pages

    Manage Access & Pages

    Give specific page editing access to individuals while also ensuring secure access.

  • Dynamic Events Calendar

    Dynamic Events Calendar

    Manage the promotion of multiple upcoming events. Completely automated, you decide when the event goes live and when it should be removed.

  • Newsletter/E-mail Marketing Sign Up

    Newsletter/E-mail Marketing Sign Up

    Increase web traffic, build customer loyalty and recruit more customers by launching or refreshing a newsletter.

  • Blog


    Create a personal bond with clients or potential clients through the ongoing publishing and archiving of blogs.

  • Discussion Boards

    Discussion Boards

    Engage more dialogue with customers by offering and contributing to a discussion board.

  • Slide Builder

    Slide Builder

    Embed a layer of text over images in your slideshow and have the ability to link the image to internal or external pages.

  • Audio/Video Manager

    Audio/Video Manager

    Enjoy your own website Organizer that can sort audio and video files by date.

  • Online Payments (PayPal or Secure Form)

    Online Payments (PayPal or Secure Form)

    Display a small amount of products or arrange receipt of donations with a secure online page.