Our Approach To Digital Marketing

At Smartz, we believe in providing our clients with a customized plan.

Digital Marketing - ​Our 10 Step ​Approach

What is digital marketing? Is it all about making sure your site can impress Google and the other search engines? Does it mean reaching Internet users in a format they appreciate? Does it incorporate email marketing on top of a website? The answer to all of these questions is "yes." Today, digital marketers have a wealth of strategies and platforms through which they can help your brand reach your target audience.

At Smartz, we take a personalized approach to digital marketing, working with our clients to outline their goals and create a marketing strategy that will meet those goals. With the help of our Bend, OR digital marketing firm, your business can have an effective online presence that reaches your target marketing and converts them into customers. Whether your goal is to optimize your website, build an effective email campaign, analyze your current efforts or start a marketing strategy from scratch, you can trust the marketing experience and expertise of Smartz to help. 

To accomplish this, we follow these 10-Steps:


Goals - We will take the time to get to know your goals and help you establish new ones for your online marketing efforts.
Research - Researching keywords will help drive much of your online marketing efforts.
Concept - Our team will create a basic concept for your digital channels, such as your website or social media pages, and send that concept to you for approval.
Design - Once we have your approval, we will create between one and three mockups of your site or other marketing channels for you to choose from.
Build - We will then build and optimize the marketing item, whether it's a website, social media page or something else.
Training - We'll train you and your team on your new marketing platform, so you can manage it on your own.
Content - We will place effective, optimized, engaging content on your site.
Test - Before launching, we will thoroughly test and proofread your site.
Launch - Launching your campaign includes all necessary testing to ensure full functionality.
Marketing - A digital marketing strategy doesn't end when the site is live. We'll use things like PPC advertising, link building, SEO and more to market your site and your business.


Throughout this process, you will be guided by a friendly team of qualified internet professionals who are passionate about helping you find success.

How Digital Marketing Helps Your Business

Why should you invest in digital marketing? The answer is simple. Today's world is technology driven. If you're not marketing in digital formats, you're not reaching your target client or customer. At Smartz, we're here to help fine-tune your online and digital marketing efforts to make them smart, strategic and effective.

This starts with thorough analytics of both your website and your market. In order to determine if your site, email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns or other online marketing efforts are effectively meeting your target audiences needs, you must know who your target market is. Our team will help you define your market, and then analyze the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in reaching that audience.

During this analysis state, we'll determine the best platforms to use to reach your market. In addition to developing a website that has effective search engine optimization and can reach mobile customers, we will help you learn how to create and publish content, utilize social media, invest in pay per click campaigns and utilize email marketing opportunities to reach your target customer and stand out in your industry. Our comprehensive suite of digital services helps solidify your success.

After this initial analysis, we will find places where your website and other marketing efforts can be tweaked to be more effective. These adjustments will help drive more targeted traffic to your site, generate greater engagement with your audience and improve your overall income. Throughout the process, we focus on those adjustments that will help you meet your goals for your digital marketing campaigns.
What does this form of strategic digital marketing do? When we know who your audience is and how to reach them, then tweak your online marketing efforts to do just that, your overall strategy will be effective, and your business will have greater visibility, income, and overall success.

Find Your Digital Marketing Success with Smartz!

Whether your business is located in Bend, OR, or one of the surrounding communities, you need to market to a digital audience for success. Smartz is here to help you do that. Contact the team at Smartz today to start strategizing for your own digital marketing campaigns.

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