Meet Art

Here's the story behind the brow and smile that became our personality.

About Art

Art was born at 4:30am on a bright and sunny, summer morning in Bend, Oregon.

Growing up, Art was always rounding up the neighbor kids and building things. He enjoyed the creation process very much. Art loved Math and Science, and oddly... Drama. He kept very busy as he always had another idea.

When Art became a teenager he was introduced to the world of computers. His first was a Compaq Computer with a 10 MB harddrive. He claims that it still works today!

Soon, Art began helping others in the world of Word Processing. At the time, this thing called DOS was getting very popular. This became the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Microsoft.

Art adapted well to the new world order of the World Wide Web. The old days of the local company network became the global realm of the Internet. Art's days of word processing evolved into the mastery of the content management system and his love of all things Google.

Today Art's schedule is filled with public appearances for the company. Looking into the face of Art, you can learn a great deal about Smartz. You can tell right away that Art is a happy, good-natured sort of fellow from his lively smile and bright complexion. Having a name like Art, you know he is a good, honest worker and will listen to you. His eyebrow is cocked in such a way that you are certain he has a playful, creative side. Of course Art is very smart - his name is comprised of more than half the letters in the word smart. Art precedes the word solutions in our company name because of all the things Art does, providing online solutions to our customers is the most rewarding.