The Newest Mobile Payment Device

If you frequent food carts at lunch, buy your produce at farmers markets, or spend a lot of time at trade shows, you’re bound to have run into a mobile payment device. Quickly attached to a mobile phone or tablet, these mobile credit card readers are making their way into the lives of small, mobile businesses.

For some time, though, there wasn’t a lot of competition. Businesses either used Square or Intuit’s GoPayment. Both devices sync with apple or Android phones or tablets. You can get the both devices for free, with a small fee for each transaction—2.75% for Square and 2.70% for Intuit’s GoPayment.

However, another mobile payment device emerged last week, and it comes from a well-enough known name that it could be a serious competitor for the two current mobile credit card readers. It is PayPal Here.

PayPal Here vs. Square vs. Intuit GoPayment

The new mobile payment device is quite a bit like its competitors. You can order it for free, but it comes with a fee per transaction. The fee matched Intuit’s, at 2.7%. The difference between that and Square’s equals out to only a penny every $20 spent, but those pennies can add up. Intuit GoPayment offers another option—a monthly fee instead of individual sales. Depending on how much you’re using a credit card reader, a monthly fee could be a good option.

One difference that everyone will notice right away is the look: Square is obviously square, while PayPal Here is triangular and Intuit GoPayment is a sort-of rectangle. Square has no obvious branding on their device, while PayPal and Intuit’s credit card readers are very obvious with their logos and colors, as seen in the image below.

Mobile Payment Device Image

Our guess is that most people are going to choose their mobile payment device, based primarily on either the transaction fee or the look and feel of the devices. Because you can order all of them for free, it’s even possible to test them all out to see which credit card reader works best for you!

Are you thinking about getting a mobile credit card reader? What kinds of places have you seen accepting mobile payments? What has your experience been? Let us know in the comments.

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2 responses to “The Newest Mobile Payment Device”

  1. Margaux Panlilio writes:

    We have a new product which will be out in the market, mPowa (find information from Please also include mPowa on your comparison, i read they only charge $.35 or something per transaction. Thanks in advance!

  2. Smart Solutions writes:

    It looks like mPowa is currently only available in the UK, and we were sticking to mobile payment devices offered in the US in this article. It does look like a nice system, though – thanks for letting us know about it!