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Content creation can be difficult to keep up and Quality writing is time-consuming.
That's why we here at Smartz can help manage your web content professionally, effectively, and efficiently.

Smartz Content Writing - Content with Purpose

Content is becoming more and more important in digital marketing. Marketing on the internet requires that websites combine an appealing user experience with content writing that captures the attention of both customers and web crawlers.

Search engines like Google send out countless bots every hour to search the web for websites and their content. Content can be media, such as images and video, but it is also text. Well-written text is vital to the quality of a web page, as a human user will be looking for answers to their questions, and Google crawler bots will be looking to understand what the web page is about. Content weighs heavily in helping Google’s bots in organizing websites in the search rankings.

Many content writers focus on the message, but may not have the know-how or tools to produce content for SEO. SEO-based content can breathe new life into a stagnant web page and help your website skyrocket to the top. Smartz writers know just how important purposeful content writing is and has developed a strategy that begins with a single concept, and cultivate it into an SEO giant.

The Smartz Content Strategy

The Smartz writer team provides perspectives and insights from several angles, from professional writing that captures the client’s brand and marketing message, to expert SEO strategists and savvy marketers.

  1. First, the team comes together in collaboration with the client, to begin with, the initial topic, primary keyword, or goal.
  2. After extensive research, the analytical data is then formed into a working strategy. This strategy provides an outline for our experienced content writers to begin crafting the content, lending special attention to the client’s brand voice.
  3. Once the content has been written by our writers, based on compelling keyword research, the writing is processed through our cutting-edge analytics tools specifically designed for content writing. The content is further edited with careful detail.
  4. After research, creation, and refining, the content is then delivered for approval. Once approved, the content will be published to the web and tracked by our analytics team. Keeping a close watch on each individual page, Smartz continues to monitor and adjust to keep you coming out on top.

Search Engine Pioneers - Writing Tools

As innovators, Smartz is constantly on the lookout for tools to help our clients be more successful, meet goals, and of course, work smarter. Our team employs an arsenal of analytical, technical, and generally useful applications and software to meet each project with plenty of firepower left over.

When it comes to content writing, our content writers help clients become digital pioneers with our cutting-edge technology. We use state-of-the-art SEO applications that compare the competition, indicate what people are looking for on the web, and how to meet their needs. Our software can pick up on important keywords in real-time, allowing our writers to quickly and accurately optimize content for Google.

With such powerful support, you can be confident that your website will give competing domains a run for their money. Whether your current pages need a boost or your website could use new supporting pages, or even supplementary blog posts, the Smartz content marketing writers have you covered.

Talented Writing at Your Fingertips

Over 20 years, Smartz has worked with a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Our experience comes from working with retailers, service providers, legal professionals, and more. We have a broad palette of writing styles and industry knowledge to cover a variety of topics. In writing, we adopt the voice of your brand and communicate to audiences in a way that is true to your business.

Smartz can lend our skills to assist you in writing web pages, blog posts, promotional pieces, social media posts and much more. Content creation is difficult to keep up. Quality writing is time-consuming, we can help manage your web content.

Our content writers have the skills to create winning content writing. If you need a content writer, contact Smartz today to get started!