Choose the hosting plan that's right for you

Hosting Plans

Each of the following business hosting plans focus on delivering customers with speed, system high availability and end-to-end security. Choose the business website hosting service plan that's right for you. And, consider Pixelsilk Edge for even greater page-load and transactional speed and remote backup for extra data protection.

Business Hosting Details
 Small Business Plan
Bandwidth / monthly 5GB 20GB 100GB
Version history/rollbacks available no yes yes
Guaranteed Uptime 99.0% 99.0% 99.9%
Pixelsilk Edge CDN (Powered by Akamai) Not Available Available Available
Every Plan Includes      
​​50GB storage    
Nightly Local Backup1      
Nightly Remote Backup (add $15/month)      
Ecommerce Add $90/month      
E-commerce Server (VPS)2  Not Available ​Not Available ​Add $90/month

1 Nightly local backup to redundant, fail-safe hardware is included with hosting plans
2 (VPS) Virtual Private Server: Two Core, 4-GB RAM and 20-GB Disc Space


Pixelsilk Edge CDN Pricing

Monthly Data Transfer Number of Sites Monthly Price
<50GB 2 $150
<250GB 5 $250
<500GB ​10 ​$350
<1TB ​unlimited ​$475
<1.5TB ​unlimited ​$625
<2TB ​unlimited ​$750
<3TB ​unlimited ​$875
​$40 per host*

*host refers to a single hostname (e.g. If your site needs SSL for multiple hosts the cost is per host (e.g. and = 2 hosts)