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Get Smart with a Smartz Site Audit™

A Smartz Site Audit™ will inspect the robustness of your website's technical framework and infrastructure, assess how friendly your website is to search engines, and determine how easy it is for users to navigate and intuitively find content on your website. We’ll identify any missed SEO opportunities and you’ll learn how to maximize conversions.

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What is an SEO Site Audit?

Your website is analyzed for over 30 days using Smartz’s comprehensive process to uncover all the facts, behaviors, and trends. The same is done for as many competitor websites as you need. Once complete, you’ll be presented a detailed report explaining what’s really happening on your site, visitor behavior, what’s important / what’s not, marketing impacts, revenue-generating opportunities, potential risks, technical issues, competitor SWOT, a plethora of metrics, and a whole lot more. You'll also get an actionable roadmap you can implement.

A Site Audit involves a technical and visual review, analyzing your website and contents page by page, and checking all of the features that affect SEO and consumer behavior.


An audit may include:

  • Technical Crawl - In short, we comb through the code of your site and use special tools to crawl for errors, items missing, duplicate data or page speed issues that could inhibit SEO.
  • Keyword Focus - The simplest tool for improving search engine results, keywords are commonly-searched terms that relate directly to your company and its products. It is important to use the right keyword phrases often enough within your content so that search engines will find your website. We will analyze your keyword focus throughout your site content and evaluate opportunities for improvement.
  • Site Layout - Websites that are easy to navigate and have clear calls to action perform better in search results than those that are not. You must remove any features that customers will find distracting or confusing, or slow down your site. Removing these issues allow users to move from page to page with as few barriers as possible.
  • Mobile Optimization - A growing percentage of online searches are performed on smartphones and tablets, so search engines have begun penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile devices. We check your site for compatibility with mobile platforms or other issues and report back to you.
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  • Learn what’s actually going on with your website
  • See what content visitors value most
  • Discover how you compare to your competitors
  • Maximize your site’s effectiveness

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Everyone who’s ordered a Smartz Audit felt it was a super smart investment. They’re affordable; between $5-$15K depending on your website size and number of competitors. Plenty of cheaper alternatives exist, but smart people know you get what you pay for. The Smartz Site Audit is an in-depth, deep-dive analysis that uncovers the truth and provides actionable plans. Plus, there’s no long-term commitment or sales push for additional services. Just smart stuff you can work with.

Smartz Audits are super easy to order. Just provide your URL and keyword data and leave the rest to Smartz.

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No one SEO element is enough to ensure online success.

Only by paying close attention to all of these features can you build a site that performs well in searches. Our audits provide you the information and advice you need to do just this. The Smartz digital marketing team will review and discuss the final audit report with your team, explaining all elements that need attention and recommended next steps. Whether you are looking for a 3rd party, non-branded, opinion on your site or an agency that will take your marketing to the next level, a site audit is a perfect place to start with all new clients (and even annually with existing clients).

By combining research, guided improvements, and analytical tracking, Smartz translates our general knowledge of SEO into an easy-to-understand report for your specific company. You can be confident that our services will meet your unique marketing needs.

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About Smartz

With a name like Smartz, we’d better be. We’re the brainy types who love data, analytics, facts, and truths. Yet we take pride in making the complex easy to understand, actionable, with a singular focus on growing revenue. Having served clients for over 30 years, we’ve learned that’s what matters most.

Our specialty is SEO, SEM, and web development. And we’re dang good at it. We’ve built thousands of websites, are a Google Premier partner, manage national and regional campaigns, and write web applications to solve the little problems in between. Having been in the SEO / SEM arena since day one, we truly understand the mechanics of it all.

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