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Borla Exhaust

The Challenge

Borla Exhaust partnered with Smartz to display their extensive catalog of aftermarket performance exhaust and induction products. The site was organized to cater to the different way customers might want to search for the products they want. Products can either be purchased via factory direct or a list of dealers is also provided.

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Borla Exhaust is continually bringing innovation and forward-thinking technology to the automotive industry, from induction kits, to their legendary exhaust systems, the Sound and Power of Borla Exhaust quite literally takes vehicles to another level of performance. 

As leaders in their industry, Borla Exhaust needs the full Smartz suite of services to stay ahead of the pack. Borla Exhaust’s high-performance products are delivered with the utmost precision, through adaptive web design, cutting-edge e-commerce, competitive SEO strategy, groundbreaking PPC strategy, all with the hefty support of intuitive social media campaigns and SEO optimized content. It’s not easy being king, which is why Smartz was the right digital marketing agency team for Borla Exhaust’s lofty expectations.