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Visit Bend was created and is funded by the Bend City Council to develop and build Bend, Oregon’s tourism industry. Visit Bend is all about the fun and eclectic attraction that Bend and the surrounding region has to offer. From amazing outdoor recreation to bountiful craft breweries, Visit Bend provides a way to showcase the very best of Bend. Visit Bend is enhancing the livability of the city and making the vacation experience memorable.   New site COMING SOON!

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As a local digital marketing agency, Smartz has been a proud partner of Visit Bend for several years. Using their industry expertise and local inside knowledge, Smartz has developed an increasingly intuitive website that makes it simple to navigate through all that Bend has to offer. Getting the word out is important to Visit Bend, Smartz uses competitive SEO tactics to help visitors find Visit Bend on the web so that they can get to planning their trip.