Web Design in Bend, Oregon

As Bendites know, Central Oregon is a thriving localized economy.
We are thrilled to be partnered with so many businesses that share our home. ​

Bend, Oregon Web Design

Smartz is an award-winning company that has served Central Oregon for over 25 years. As longtime Bend, Oregon residents, the Smartz team understands the importance of community and values local small businesses. 

By combining our global perspective with our local insights, Smartz can build you a website that reflects your company’s vision and goals. Whether you are rebranding, need a facelift, or are a new start-up, Smartz has your back. 

How we Create Compelling Website Design for Bend, OR

We provide you a team of experienced analysts, developers, designers, and writers to come alongside your prospect and build it from the ground up. Our strategy sets your site up for success, immediately and for the long run. 

As experts in our field, we incorporate SEO keyword focus and quality, meaningful content. Like a locally crafted ale, each web page is crafted with an acute attention to detail. Each page directs the user to a unique goal, while maintaining your brand and marketing message. 

In launching a new web design project, we:
  • Keep your keyword focus forefront in your home and main landing pages
  • Clearly state your main calls to action and specific goals of the website
  • Incorporate your social media strategy
  • Accurately represent your brand design and marketing message

After we have developed your personal winning strategy and your custom web design is in place, we maintain and test your site. Our team monitors and tests the inner workings, looking for improvements, spotting trouble spots, and reporting wins. Smartz utilizes A/B testing and multivariate testing to ensure the growth of the overall design meets the needs of your visitors. Additionally, we build custom websites to stand the test of time, adapting to changes in technology, to the industry, and the savvy of potential clients.

Stay Local: Work with Smartz

In Bend, Oregon, locals are proud to shop local, eat local, and support local. As Bend’s premier digital marketing company, we are proud to carry this tradition into digital marketing.

Connect with us for more details in how our Bend, Oregon web design team can assist in the design and development of your next project.


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