Build an Ecommerce Store with Our Platform

Because of the tight integration between the Pixelsilk content management system (CMS) and ecommerce carts, such as BV Commerce, we offer clients professional ecommerce websites that are both easy to manage and can achieve better search ranking. ecommerce-store.png

Option 1: an ecommerce store with product pages only

Option 2: an ecommerce store with additional web pages

Both hosted ecommerce store options are designed to empower online businesses like never before while alleviating the burdens associated with doing business online. And both options automatically handle updates to product and category pages when new ones are added, moved or deleted.

Option 2 is for customers who want to get the most out of their ecommerce store. It ensures that the target audience can easily find site with search engines. It also gives customers the opportunity to add supplemental information about their business that may influence greater conversions.

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