Web Development in Bend, OR

Smartz works with customers on what they envision, then creates a web design to match their expectations

Bend, Oregon Web Development

Bend is a thriving community located on the banks of the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. With a population around 82,000, Bend has seen tremendous growth since 1990, actually doubling in size. Originally, Bend was a saw mill town supported by logging and ranching. In the 1980s, community leaders began to bring attention to Bend’s beautiful scenic surroundings for economic development and their efforts paid off. The community attracted investors and soon many new residents and new industries (including computer software) relocated to Bend.

Community-Centered Professionals

Smartz also grew as the community grew. Specializing in computer software and web development, Smartz has evolved with the industry to develop a content management system (CMS) with search engine optimization (SEO) friendly requirements at its core.

Our web development in Bend services not only includes design, construction, and hosting of websites, but the innovation of new tools. Many CMS platforms force the user to know all aspects of web development. Smartz has developed a CMS that is user-friendly enabling web developers to quickly and easily design web page elements, format and position such content, and optimize the way individual pages are presented. Moreover, the CMS is web-based so all changes can be made anywhere and at anytime.

Web Development Professionals

With an experienced staff of designers and web development in Bend, Smartz works with customers on what they envision, then creates a web design matching their expectations. After the customer signs off on the web design, the web page is developed in a stylized theme. After the web development is completed, customers can easily add new pages and related content like text and images without fear of negatively affecting the web page structural elements; e.g., HTML. However, if customers are comfortable modifying web page code, they can.

From beginning to end, Smartz web development in Bend, plan the design of the website with SEO in mind. Smartz web development in Bend is SEO-friendly as the HTML code meets industry standards.  At the same time, Smartz offers a team of SEO experts to assist web development and marketing.

If you are in need of a web development in Bend, Oregon please contact Smartz today!