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You have a story to tell, and your message must be heard. Smartz is a digital marketing agency that keeps nonprofits in mind, in support of our local community. We help Bend, OR nonprofits go further than ever before thanks to our nonprofit digital marketing support.

Our experience aligns with your goals to create a holistic web strategy that helps your organization reach your audience better, achieve more funding, and ultimately help you make a greater impact in our community.

Get Your Message Heard with Smartz Digital Marketing

Why are we the right choice? At our heart, Smartz wants to see our community be the best that it can be. Our mission is to come alongside your organization and help you achieve more awareness and funding, run more efficiently, and thrive. Let us help you!

Smartz continues to help nonprofits by:

  • Creating widespread awareness through Social Media campaigns, email marketing, organic SEO, and PPC marketing for nonprofits. We can assist your team in receiving $10,000 in Google grant money for ad promotion on the Google network.
  • Craft compelling Content that doesn’t just ask, but inspires people to take action and reach goals.

  • Build a growing network through multiple channels, engage and recruit where you need to the most.
  • Continual, real-time analysis of data allows our team to diagnose problem areas, optimize, and consistently improve your web presence.

  • Assist in setting up a secure, easy-to-find and complete online donation and recurring donation page for your funding efforts.

No matter your goals, Smartz is the right choice for you because not only do we want to see you succeed, we have the experience and resources to see your goals through.


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Effective Fundraising Through Digital Marketing

Fundraising can be a challenge to any nonprofit organization. Although necessary to function, fundraising can take precious time and resources that can be better spent in achieving the primary goals of your organization. By partnering with Smartz, your organization will receive full support for a wide variety of digital marketing services. Whether it is search advertising, social media outreach, or other methods, we can handle it. These services reach donors, make an impact, and make fundraising more effective overall. Our team of digital marketers, SEO experts, PPC pros, and web developers want to see you succeed. Let us help you, help others!

What do you need to achieve your digital goals? At Smartz, we continually work alongside you to craft a digital marketing strategy that aligns with the vision of your organization. We understand that objectives change with time, which is why our team is always on their toes, adapting to every situation and getting you the best possible results.

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The Smartz team is eager to help your organization, all it takes is one phone call. We are happy to answer questions you may have about our services and what we can specifically do for you. Together we can create a digital marketing plan that meets your goals and budget.
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