Google AdWords

Adwords is one of the best online advertising services that allows you to pinpoint your
target audience with tailor-made ads for your business and customers.​

Google AdWords

Few digital marketing avenues have proven to be as effective and accessible as Google Adwords. Adwords allows you to pinpoint your target audience with exactly the message you want them to see at exactly the time you want them to see it, making Google Adwords a much more targeted form of advertising than almost any other approach.

Still, while Google Adwords makes it easy for anyone to start a Google advertising campaign, creating an effective advertising campaign that is cost-efficient is much more difficult. Thankfully, our Google Adwords services can help!

Search Advertising

Search advertising is the most commonly used method of advertising on Google Adwords. With search advertising, you are able to generate a list of keywords that you are targeting. For example, if you were selling winter coats, you may wish to target keywords such as "coats for sale". Once you have selected the keywords you want to target, you are then able to design an ad that will appear when a user searches one of those keywords.

At Smartz, we help you take your search advertising to the next level by choosing optimum keywords as well as crafting ad copy that will generate the maximum amount of clicks. By selecting the perfect keywords and crafting the perfect ad copy, we are able to help you target only your ideal customer, lower your cost per click, and maximize your conversions.

Shopping Advertising

Shopping advertising is a function of Google Adwords specifically designed for Ecommerce stores looking to advertise their products. With shopping advertising, customers who search certain keywords pertaining to a product are shown a slider of products at the top of the page. This slider features pictures of the product, the name of the seller, and the product's price.

For Ecommerce stores, this type of marketing is perfect because it enables them to get their product in front of customers who are ready to purchase. At Smartz, we will help you optimize your shopping advertising by finding the perfect keywords to target your ideal customer while at the same time minimizing competition from other sellers.

Display Advertising

While search ads and shopping ads both show up in the search results, display ads show up on specific websites that a user visits. For example, a company selling skincare products may wish to put up display ads on a popular skincare blog. Google display ads may feature text, pictures, audio, video, or any of combination of these elements.

At Smartz, we are able to improve your display advertising by choosing websites that your target customers are likely to frequent and designing display ads that will capture the attention of those target customers.

Google Adwords has revolutionized the way modern businesses advertise their products and services and now offers a wealth of opportunity for businesses of all sizes. At Smartz, it's our goal to help you fully capitalize on that opportunity by creating Google ad campaigns that are both affordable and effective. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you kickstart your Google Adwords advertising, we invite you to call us today.