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An established web presence can skyrocket your success, but it requires one critical component - visibility. If your website isn't highly visible, you will struggle to find success. At Smartz, our marketing agency believes that a key component of creating great online visibility is search engine optimization. Our SEO services cover all the bases of optimization to make sure that your site is always visible to potential customers.

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 To grow your organic traffic and qualified leads, you need a current, relevant plan of action that will optimize your search results compared to competitors. At Smartz, our SEO services will get you where you need to go. We offer a comprehensive list of effective search engine optimization strategies that will help propel your site to the top of search results.

For proper optimization, it takes every piece of the puzzle to create a complete picture of the Google search engine. There is a misconception that SEO is a one-and-done deal. However, this simply is not true. The internet is in a state of constant flux. Likewise, Google is frequently updating their search engine algorithms to continually deliver a better customer experience. Smartz SEO services are always going. The Smartz team analyzes every angle of optimization in order to ensure that your digital marketing is always at its peak performance. The key to successful search engine optimization is to be persistent and flexible in order to meet the changing requirements of search engines.

Smartz SEO Strategies

At Smartz, we have relevant, proven strategies to use to improve your organic traffic and push your site ahead of your competitors. These SEO services include:

  • Page Speed - Does your page take several seconds to load? Today's Internet user is impatient, and the search engines know this. For hits reason, page speed is one of the factors considered when ranking your site. If your site is slow, Smartz will work with your Webmaster to speed it up and optimize its ranking.
  • Technical Site Audit - The Smartz team will analyze your website to find those areas where the site itself is hurting your SEO, and provide real, workable solutions you can implement to optimize your results.
  • Content Marketing - Did you know that more sites will link to you, thus improving your results in the SERPs, if you offer free, valuable information? Content marketing allows you to create and distribute content that gives the search engines more to crawl and improves your backlinking and off-page SEO. We can set up a content marketing plan that works!
  • Backlink Audit - Link building to your site from other, high-ranking sites in your niche is a critical component of SEO. We will help you identify the links you have and the pages you want to target for future link optimization with a backlink audit.
  • Local SEO - Searchers who are ready to make a purchase are often searching for a local company to do business with. Local SEO uses geo-targeted keywords and keyword research to reach those local customers and clients. Smartz SEO services can help you establish yourself as a local authority and improve your site ranking.
  • Reviews/Citations - Do you know what people are saying about you online? Google rewards websites that people like, and reviews or citations can impact that. Reviews and citations also impact your brand's reputation. Smartz will incorporate a reputation management plan into your online marketing efforts, which can help boost your SEO. In fact, review signals may account for almost 10% of your total ranking factors, so this particular plan can't be ignored.


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Smartz' History with Search Engine Optimization

The search engines are constantly changing, and Smartz has been around to watch it all. Since the earliest days of SEO, our digital marketing company has been involved in search engine marketing and optimization. Because we've watched this marketing strategy grow and change, we have fine-tuned our online marketing and SEO services to help draw increased organic traffic and higher rankings to clients. If these are the types of results your company needs, we are ready to help. We are an official Google Premier Partner (only the top 10% of all Google Partners are offered Premier status) and an official Bing Partner, so we understand what it takes to find success with the top search engines. We take a strategic approach to SEO, rather than a tactical one, and make decisions based on competitive analysis, keyword research, and site analysis. All of this allows us to help our clients grow and build SEO momentum over time, with tracking and measurement that ensures success.

Find SEO Success with Smartz!

SEO is growing into one of the most important marketing methods out there. It gives you the highest possible reach among your potential customers, with greater tracking capabilities. When done well, SEO brands you as a trusted authority, so your business is the one chosen when people need the product or service you offer.

Smartz has been in the Internet marketing world since 1996, with a focus on SEO since 2002, based in Bend, Oregon where it all started. We know what it takes to optimize online marketing success, and have proven, effective strategies to implement for you. We specialize in creating customized sites for our clients that naturally draw qualified search traffic to lead to increased conversions. These custom sites are inherently flexible to allow our team of experts to adjust SEO strategy at a moment's notice.

If you're ready to start a strategic SEO marketing plan, contact Smartz to learn more about our SEO services, the Smartz strategy, and how our team can help your digital awareness take flight!