​Pixelsilk CMS

Pixelsilk was the first content management system to ensure that SEO wasn't compromised by the limitations of a CMS.


Content Management System ​

Not all content management systems (CMS) are equal. That’s why Smartz is proud to be a Platinum Partner of Pixelsilk.

Through our experience in working with thousands of clients, we’ve learned the shortcomings of many CMS platforms. Some systems' restrict design and functionality; some require a web person to make simple page content updates; while others limit a website’s search engine optimization and a company’s ability to rank well.

Not the Pixelsilk CMS. Pixelsilk is considered one of the top content management system because it's CMS was architected with the user in mind.

Pixelsilk gives clients:

  1. Full control over HTML so that themes and style sheets can be changed
  2. An intuitive and powerful content editor that any layperson can use - and can access from any browser
  3. An extremely SEO-friendly platform so a website’s design, code, and content can all be search-optimized

So why wait? C​ontact us to see how the Pixelsilk CMS can enhance your next project.  We offer full support and Pixelsilk training to help get your team up and running smoothly.