WordPress Development in Bend, OR

Managing and publishing your content for your online marketing efforts requires the right platform. At Smartz, WordPress is among our developers' favorites. WordPress offers a robust CMS platform that makes web development straightforward for those who have experience. The flexibility that WordPress provides allows developers to make changes without major hinderances. WordPress also has a free, open source blogging tool that offers an effective and streamlined PHP and MySQL content management system that allows you to easily publish and update your content in order to keep it fresh and optimized.

If you are considering a WordPress site for your online marketing efforts, you are in good company. The Smartz team of WordPress developers offer you full support, from initial design to post-launch. Smartz WordPress developers are dedicated to ensuring that WordPress users have the best possible experience with their website.

WordPress is among the most popular content managing systems online, hosting over 14.7% of the top 1 million websites and powering over 76.5 million blogs and 15.9 million websites around the world. Yet, for those who have never used WordPress before, getting started feels overwhelming. With so many options, layouts, and designs, how can you choose one that's right for your business? That's where Smartz can help. As WordPress development pros, we can help you develop, create and deploy a successful WordPress site that will work with your SEO efforts and your overall branding goals.

Smartz Is a Veteran WordPress Developer

When you partner with Smartz for your WordPress development, you benefit from working with a seasoned Bend, OR team of developers. Smartz has helped numerous medium-sized businesses with their WordPress development projects. Each of our clients has seen extreme success with their branding and SEO efforts after deployment of their custom WP sites, with proven metrics that show that success. Whether they are focused on an e-commerce site, are looking to create an informational site for branding purposes or simply want to have a WordPress blog to help support their SEO efforts, working with Smartz has helped them ensure their entire online presence is properly and effectively branded.

Custom WordPress Themes

Have you seen other WordPress sites and found that they all look the same? Has this caused you to look for a different platform? Often this is because the site's development team simply relied on the pre-existing themes and plugins, but not so with Smartz!

Here at Smartz, if you want it, we build it! We don't simply use the pre-designed themes for our clients. We design and develop custom themes that are unique to your business. This not only ensures that you have a custom website that is in line with your branding goals, but it also ensures that your SEO efforts are successful. Custom themes are free from the noisy code that can hurt your search engine ranking. You are left with a beautiful, personalized and effectively optimized website that's ready to support your entire online marketing plan. Smartz creates custom themes that provide an intuitive user experience and an SEO-friendly design.

WordPress Hosting Services

Building a website is just the first step in a successful website launch. The second is proper hosting. If you don't have a hosting service for your website, it won't be successful. Your host is the platform that keeps your website accessible to your customers and clients. You need effective and secure hosting to ensure your website is always live and safe for your visitors, and that's exactly what you get with Smartz. Our website hosting services include:

  • 99.9% uptime

  • Bandwidth adjustment

  • Nightly local backups

  • Maximum responsiveness and redundancy

  • Geographically diverse DNS servers

  • 24/7 customer service support

In other words, when you let us handle your hosting needs, you will always have a website that is live and ready to serve you. Learn more about our website hosting services and how they connect to your WordPress website launch.

Full WordPress Support

At Smartz, we don't build your site and then leave you out to dry. We go beyond development and offer full WordPress support after launch. We will teach you how to use your newly developed site, and then will be available if you need help down the road.

Whether you decide it's time to update and change your site, want help with SEO or simply have a question about your site and how to use it most effectively, we are here for you.  With our full WordPress support, you can be confident that your site will deliver whenever you need it to, and that you can have your questions answered as they arise.

Contact Smartz for WordPress Development Today

Are you ready to join the millions of website owners who are already benefiting from the full list of offerings from WordPress? Contact Smartz today to talk to our design team about your website goals. Together, we can help you design, build, launch and manage a custom WordPress website that will effectively reach your market.