Internet Explorer 6 is Dated

As you might have heard, Microsoft is ceasing support for Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) as of July 13, 2010, when it stops support for Windows XP SP2.  This isn’t bad news. This nine year-old browser is showing its wear and doesn’t cut it with today’s web standards.

The higher-performing and more design-savvy websites of today require the latest versions of modern browsers for the best user experience. Considering both realities—support and performance issues—we want to encourage our customers to ask their viewers to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8, Firefox or Safari for a better web experience.  Supported browsers for admin include the latest two versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox

Our team doesn’t mind supporting older browser versions and understand some government agencies and companies use it.  However, since working with IE6 is becoming ever more difficult, an extra fee for its support will be necessary moving forward.

We appreciate your understanding.  If any additional browser-related questions come up, don’t hesitate to contact our team.  Or, if you’re interested in the latest browser trends and statistics, check out: