Website Fonts Get a Push in the Right Direction

Thanks to the efforts of type designers, web developers and browser companies’ web sites now can use high-quality typography to enhance their company brands and make pages even more readable for users. This is great news for the industry—and for customers of Smart Solutions.  Here’s why:

For years, web developers have wanted to use a broader selection of fonts similar to what’s available for print, but many issues blocked their path. One was the fact that commercial font licenses were only for desktop computer use; others were rendering inconsistencies across multiple browsers and huge increases in page size and loading times.

Beyond these technical issues, the idea faced similar piracy controversy that hit the music recording industry, which is how to protect intellectual property over the web—be it music or a unique type font.

Now Larger Palette of Fonts to Choose From

By using CSS embedding techniques, Smart Solutions can bring this industry breakthrough to our clients by:

  • Making Adobe Photoshop fonts available for use (see options)
  • Ensuring that usage is done legally
  • Testing and verifying new font displays well in 90% of all browsers (IE, FireFox, Safari, Crome and Opera)

We can also work with clients who acquire a non-Adobe Photoshop font and wish to use it by converting format using the TypeKit service.

Design Considerations: The emergence of more type expression can bring some challenges especially for web designers. Smart Solutions can work with your team to choose the right type face that:

  • Complements your web design
  • Conveys and embodies the message you want to communicate
  • And offers contrast that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye

On the Horizon: Smart Solutions expects more progress in the typography area. W3C is actively leading discussions on a new Open Web Font Format (WOFF), which encourages even greater backing and support from browser companies and font vendors.

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