Bing and Google Get Social

Both Bing and Google have taken their search capabilities to a new level—with social search. Social search takes advantage of the growing importance and reliance on social media by bringing the opinions of one’s social circle into their search experience.

For example, search results now can link relevant pages that friends and colleagues have created or track down their tweets shared on Twitter and photos shared on Flickr. Information can include anything…how to purchase best video camera for work-related footage or learn about the best Yosemite hikes for those less in shape.

It started with Bing…then Google followed

Bing first announced integration with social media giant, Facebook in October 2010, when it launched a new feature called “Liked Results,” allowing one to see websites “liked by your friends” within the actual search engine results page (SERP).

Google then followed suit and announced it would also include the opinions of people one cares about by linking to friends on Google Profile. Both companies say that the opinions of family and friends can play a big role in one’s decision-making process.  And that both services provide a more personalized search experience. See for yourself:

Quick Bing Social Search video
Quick Google Social Search video

What about Privacy?

  • Google says the information that your family and friends can see is already publicly available data. What Google Social Search does is make it easier to find it. More here.
  • With Bing, your Facebook settings are key to how results will be shown. For example, if you shared a link where only Friends can see, your Friends of Friends will not be able to see the shared link. Learn more.