Resurgence of Print with QR Codes

Just when we thought print advertising was dying, it’s taking off again thanks to QR Codes. Embedding Quick Response (QR) Codes in a variety of printed materials and advertising vehicles is helping businesses engage with their customers in fresh ways.  A simple scan of the barcode by a smart phone—or other like device—directs customers to a promotional mobile web page where they can receive tickets to an upcoming concert, get 20% discount from their favorite retailer, or share trailer of a great movie they just saw with friends on Facebook.

The customer benefits are obvious—access to great deals and information with a simple scan of a barcode. What about the benefits to a business? They are even better.

The cost of rolling out a marketing campaign and not knowing whether it reached your audience is one reason print has suffered in recent years. It’s costly to print ten thousand brochures and when details change more expense is needed for reprinting. Now businesses can use one QR Code for multiple marketing activities and incur only a one-time expense. Because all that needs changing is the mobile web page that the link leads to—not the campaign material. Another huge advantage of QR Codes is businesses receive response instantly whether their campaign is working.

Where to Get QR Code

Multiple websites exist that offer free QR Codes, but most redirect connection through their website. Here’s a list of QR code generators to start with to determine who is best for your business. Good luck.