Google Is Judging You by Local Citations

Goggle Local Search

Similar to how scientists are judged by the number of times their work is cited by others. Google is using local citations as a way to decide the validity of your business. These local citations, which can include your business name, address and other information, can directly improve your local search marketing results. This is because Google is assuming that more queries have local intent.

Learn more about Google’s local search efforts; the importance of claiming your business; and how you can get your share of citations with our help.

2 responses to “Google Is Judging You by Local Citations”

  1. Nettechnocrats Pvt.Ltd writes:

    Is it possible that it will improve the search marketing result directly. anywys content you posted is interesting. Hope so will work properly.

  2. Smart Solutions writes:

    It does, yes! Local citations are definitely one of the local SEO ranking factors.