Smartz is a Google Partner Here’s Why It Matters

smartz-google-partner-analyticsThere are many factors to consider when looking for a trustworthy digital marketing agency. No matter how many services the agency offers, client trust and industry experience tell you all you need to know about their work. In the world of digital marketing, there is no single authority that can give you a better referral than Google itself, and that’s why Google Partners and Google Certifications matter. For any qualified digital brand, there are few things to boast about more than a Google Partners badge.

So what is a Google Partner? A Google Partner is a business that has met the requirements set by Google in order to receive their highest credential, the Google Partners badge. In order to meet Google’s high standards, the agency must have a minimum of 1 team member who has a Google Ads (AdWords) certification and shares their Academy for Ads account with the company. For a Premier Partner status, at least 2 team members need to be certified in Google Ads and share their account information with their company. Beyond these minimum requirements, team members can then study and pass additional examinations in other fields and add those certifications to their resume. This shows the business community that the Google Partner in question is a digital marketing authority.

Why a Premier Partner Badge is Important

smartz-google-partner-badgeThere are two levels of Partner status, the Google Partner, and the Google Premier Partner. The first level meets the minimum requirement to be approved as a partner, the second, is going above and beyond to receive the status of a Premier Partner.

The Premier Partner badge is more than just a symbol. Each company can customize their own qualifications by qualifying in Google’s extensive catalog of certifications. There are many specializations covering a variety of fields in both paid and organic search. If a company focuses in a particular field, or more than one, such as PPC advertising or local search, they can achieve certifications that make sense for their business. In addition, a Google Partner status means the company will receive exclusive event invitations from Google and get access to special training and support. A Google Partner business will be better equipped and supported by Google to meet the digital needs of their customers.

Benefits of a Google Partner Status

The benefits that come with a Google Partner status is valuable to a business because it shows their customers that they are an authority in their market, and it gives them access to training and supports directly from Google. The Partner badge is good for customers because they know that they can trust the company to be able to serve their needs and deliver high-quality service. Here are some of the specific benefits that a Google Partner Status offers:

  • Product training and certifications
  • Sales training
  • Community membership and product updates
  • Executive business training
  • Performance reporting
  • Phone, chat, and email support
  • Eligible for dedicated account management
  • Sales and pitch collateral
  • Partners badge assets
  • New Business strategy consulting
  • Client event support
  • Promotional offers
  • Agency competitions
  • Annual Partners summit

From education, to support, growth, and rewards, the Google Partner initiative is one of the greatest resources for businesses right now. As an experienced digital marketing agency, Smartz takes full advantage of what Google has to offer.

Smartz is a Google Premier Partner

If you haven’t realized by now, Smartz is a Google Premier Partner. We have more than two team members who are qualified in more than three certifications. That’s because we are always pushing the envelope in digital marketing on behalf of our clients.

We are committed to bringing the very best to you as a Premier Partner. Are you looking for professional help for your digital marketing? Contact our team at Smartz today and let’s start the conversation.