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Delight your fans and take advantage of the incredible targeting ability that Social Media offers.

Social Media: The ​Buzz of Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the most ​influential elements of your marketing strategy. It helps gain customer traffic using social media sites to build your brand loyalists. It is also the fastest growing trend in world history, which makes it one of the most ideal avenues through which to find new customers as well as strengthen your foundation with your current customers.

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About Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing helps build links and draw attention to your business and brand. When creating a social media marketing strategy, it’s important to incorporate the ones that have the most impact and that reach your ideal target audience. Getting the right engagement and shares as you build a following is key.

Social Media Marketing

Our marketing team can help you setup and reserve profiles, optimize profiles for best user experience, create an ongoing editorial calendar and execute targeted paid PPC campaigns. The Smartz social media management team can fill in gaps in any area that needs attention, whether on organic or paid marketing, educating you along the way with best social networking practices. Smartz recommends the following:


Relatively speaking, Facebook is like one big country. It’s the biggest social media platform that has the most data and targeted ads. This platform allows you to target any age group and demographic, helping you integrate your content for customers. This includes video and live streaming. Facebook is the first line of defense because it’s well-trusted and people don’t want to leave their comfort zones.

For Facebook ​success, ​we ​utilize:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Audience insights
  • A combination of paid and organic posting
  • Customization of your paid audiences
  • Profile, cover and page organization best practices

With Instagram, you use pictures and video to offer helpful content to your consumers. The Smartz team can help craft engaging calls to action, storytelling content hashtags, and a great bio.


As millennials continue to reshape how social media is used, YouTube is one of the most effective ways to engage audiences and is the 2nd most used search engine, other than Google. YouTube is designed to help marketers share long-form content in a number of ways. Consider this: YouTube is the most engaging platform to entertain or teach.  Whether it’s to marketing on YouTube or craft videos to share your business online, Smartz helps with your video strategy.

Other Social Platforms

Other social platforms can be used as a tool to drive followers to the social media platforms you want to engage the most. This includes Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat, which has over 100 million daily active users.  Our team will match the best platforms for your business and target audience.

Social Paid Advertising (PPC)

Social paid to advertise, or pay per click (PPC), is a very effective way to connect with your audience, and much like Adwords, is an on-going strategy to optimize clicks, engagement, and conversions to your website.  The Smartz social media team are experts in creating audiences that match your brand target market and deliver content to the people who want to see it.  We work with your team on the editorial calendar, ad content, target audiences and post-campaign analytics and reporting.

How social media marketing helps your business

Social media marketing advances your business in a number of ways:

Direct interaction

Social media is a hands-on affair. You must stay engaged to have effective results. This means posting relevant content, responding to comments, starting discussions and more.

Product/Service Promotion

Social media is the quickest way to get your product or promotion seen by a wide audience. You can use different platforms to have live demonstrations, announce upcoming specials, give out coupons, discounts and more.

Brand loyalty

Social media marketing is an effective way to gain brand loyalty. Engage your followers and use their interaction to positively grow your brand. Announce contests, have “follower only” incentives, show new product packaging for feedback, and more.

Brand Awareness

Social media networks help build brand awareness. Using different social networks to engage audiences can quickly gain major visibility. For companies who need inexpensive solutions to get their brand in front of large audiences, social media is it.

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Are you confused about your options with Social Media Marketing and how best to reach your audience?  The Smartz social media marketing team can help decode your options to optimize your spend to reach your customers both with organic and paid ads.  We’re here to help! Contact us today to schedule a social media audit and learn more about our social media services.